Automating Your
Retail Enterprise


Retail in today’s environment is tough.   Retailers need to increase sales, reduce inventory, keep costs under control while continually improving the customer experience.

For over 25 years, SalePoint has been delivering solutions that enable you to drive sales, reduce costs, and maximize the bottom line.  Today, we give retailers the ability to optimize inventory and buying processes through planning and open to buy, to increase sales with e-commerce and customer loyalty programs, to reduce  cost by seamlessly integrating a robust and efficient Point of Sale application to speed the customer quickly and accurately through the check out, and to meet the ever changing demands of payment industry compliance requirements.

Our solutions work for retail.  Let SalePoint work for you!

  • Store Solutions – POS, Kiosks and Mobile Apps

    SalePoint provides store solutions including the latest in point of sale systems, self-sevice customer kiosks and custom branded retail mobile apps. The solutions allow you to improve your store results, enhance customer service, and comply with security and PCI standards. Our solutions provide EMV compliance needed by October 2015.
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  • Corporate Retail Solutions

    Our corporate solutions provide you with the ability to better manage your merchandise, pricing, distribution, receiving, and operations to reduce markdowns, optimize stock levels, and better plan your purchases. Our SaaS Retail Interact solution is affordable, robust, and easy to implement. Integrates with CRM and eCommerce applications for omni-channel marketing.
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  • Hardware

    We offer hardware from the leaders in the industry including Toshiba, HP, Ingenico, Verifone, DigiPOS, etc. This ensures that our software is compatible with the hardware and provides you with a single call for support. Hardware options include peripherals, Point of Sale systems, tablets, receipt printers, and more from the top retail systems equipment manufacturers.
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  • Services

    Our experienced team, with years of retail systems experience, will support your new project efforts from the beginning planning stage through final deployment and the support phase to ensure you achieve the benefits and results you expect. Utilize our telephone Help Desk services to support your store support staff. Call us for a quote on Help Desk services.
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