iVend Loyalty

Build a loyalty program that keeps your customers coming back

Make your brand the destination of choice, with iVend Loyalty

Getting customers into your stores is one thing, ensuring they come back again is a different challenge. With so many options for shopping, focusing on the customer base you already have is one of the most effective strategies for achieving your goals.

iVend Loyalty is a flexible points & rewards management application that is available both digitally or on a card, with accrual across by points, visits, or purchases, and is redeemable across channels for discounts, gift items or other rewards of the retailer’s choosing.

iVend Loyalty enables retailers to develop deeper relationships with customers with visibility into shopping histories and preferences. Through mobile notifications, digital coupons, and reward points, offer personalized incentives for customers to choose your stores. An in-built part of the iVend Retail management suite, iVend Loyalty is also available standalone and can integrate with any other retail application using tools provided with the solution.

  • Make your brand the destination of choice at the start of the customer’s shopping experience or trip
  • Build traffic, conversion rates and transaction size and, done well, minimize expensive returns
  • Gain complete insight into customer behavior and buying patterns
  • Access customer data to optimize planning and retail operations
  • Suggestive selling based on their past purchases and browsing history (used for example in stand-alone emails coupled with digital passes, in store at mobile POS or to the customer’s smart phone, or online when making recommendations to iVend eCommerce shoppers)
  • Coupled with iVend eCommerce and its user polls capability, the more frequent and more valuable loyalty shoppers can provide insight into potential product designs and which ones should go into production
  • Coupled with iVend Reporting and Analytics, customer data can be analysed in detail to build meaningful customer segments and to develop programs and services that maximize long term loyalty.
  • A seamless shopping experience across all sales channels
  • Personalized rewards based on their personal shopping preferences
  • Personalized promotions and communications
  • Promotion to higher reward levels or status as they spend more
  • Set up and manage multiple loyalty programs which assign points or currency based on customer purchases or activities
  • Allow loyalty points or incentives to age according to user defined rules
  • Redeem loyalty rewards against new purchases
  • Inform customers about their rewards balance via email, text message, online
  • Define membership of group schemes, e.g. for all family members or to support a particular school or charity
  • Individual plans can relate to specific products or promotions or exclude products (for example clearance items) or promotions.
  • Multiple loyalty plans can be set up either for the entire enterprise or specifically for individual stores
  • Multiple loyalty plans can assign points or currency based on customer purchases
  • iVend Loyalty comes prepackaged with iVend Enterprise and can be deployed as a cloud service or as an in-house service. This enables transparency of data between iVend Loyalty and all other iVend modules.
    iVend Loyalty offers flexible registration options that can be set at a global level.
  • Any number of membership levels can be defined, e.g. Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Members progress through levels depending on spending. The retailer can define the minimum points or currency that a loyalty customer should accumulate to reach a particular loyalty level.
  • The administrator can globally define the type of incentive a loyalty customer can accumulate on each transaction. The reward type can be either set as “Points” or “Currency”. These can later be redeemed by the customer in subsequent transactions.
  • Push sales of specific items or item groups by defining specific plans. Plans pertaining to transaction value can also be defined to increase sales.
  • Selected stores or channels, with bonuses on special days such as the customer’s birthday, public holidays, festivals, etc.
  • iVend Loyalty is configured to operate in real-time mode. When connectivity is not available, it processes transactions locally and then synchronizes them when connectivity is restored.
    iVend Loyalty offers a group membership option that allows a retailer to combine more than one card together into a single card group. This feature is useful in scenarios where the loyalty points of individual family or group members can be combined to extend the benefits to a higher level of loyalty membership.
    iVend Loyalty sends notifications to customers on level achievements in the program, predefined events, special awards, etc. according to the rules of each program.
    Retailers using iVend Loyalty and iVend eCommerce will be able to extend additional benefits to their customers by offering their loyalty customers a Product Catalog on iVend eCommerce. The items mentioned in the product catalog will be available to the loyalty customer for purchase by redeeming their loyalty points OR a combination of loyalty points and currency. To facilitate easy split of loyalty points and currency, a ‘slider’ will be provided that will help the customer decide how many loyalty points and how much currency will be required to purchase a particular item in the product catalog.
  • iVend loyalty can now work in a standalone mode. This would allow third party retail systems to use iVend Loyalty management system for managing their loyalty customers. Data exchange between third party retail systems and iVend Loyalty would be facilitated through robust iVend Loyalty APIs. Users can send the transaction information to iVend Loyalty for points accumulation and redemption using iVend Loyalty APIs.
  • iVend loyalty will then send the notifications to the loyalty customer using iVend Passes, SMS and Emails.
  • Loyalty Dashboard

    Points Expiry Setup

    Email SMS Template

    Loyalty Adjustment Journal

    Loyalty Card Transfer

    Loyalty Level

    Loyalty Plan

    Loyalty Reports

    Loyalty Special Days

    How iVend Loyalty Works

    In an age where people can buy their favorite brand of shirt online, and have it delivered to their home that day, focusing on building loyal relationships with customers and offering superior service is a key part of remaining successful.

    How can iVend Retail help?
    iVend Loyalty helps you grow your business, build your customer base and generate repeat sales. Retailers utilizing iVend Loyalty and its seamless integration into all complementary applications of iVend Retail have gained significant benefits in customer retention and increasing their revenues. Watch this short video to learn how retailers can acquire, engage, reward and retain their customers.