iVend Retail is an integrated, omnichannel retail solution designed for the way retailers work today.

iVend Retail consists of 7 software modules, including POS, mPOS, Loyalty, Digital Passes, Reporting & Analytics and Enterprise solutions that run unplugged or with full integration to SAP Business One and common retail applications.

Setup can range from a single outlet to a multi-geography store environment, with each module designed seamlessly integrate with the others and can scale with the growth of your retail operation

iVend Enterprise

iVend Enterprise is the core of the iVend Retail solution – the central repository from where master data is disseminated across the business, all the transactions get accumulated and the database gets maintained. It is also the module which optimizes inventory availability and therefore sales potential, and provides the integration necessary for the customer experience across all channels.

iVend Enterprise manages the operations of all the iVend Retail modules, collates and manages data on all the business transactions e.g. sales, refunds, returns, store credits etc. iVend Enterprise communicates with the iVend Store, the application used by the store back office staff to carry out their day-to-day business functions.

One of the world’s leading applications for providing a true omnichannel experience, iVend POS goes beyond traditional POS by enabling retailers to maximize sales, gross margin and profits. Achieve every possible sale by supporting all customer paths-to-purchase through the retailer’s “system.”

  • Easily manage the operation of all the iVend Retail modules
  • Collate and manages data on all the business transactions, e.g. sales, refunds, returns, store credits, goods receipts, stock counts
  • Communicate with the iVend Store, the application used by the store back office staff to carry out their day-to-day business functions like receiving of goods
  • Enables a single view of inventory and customers across the business including the subsidiary companies
  • Provides a range of inventory management functionality, most notably forecasting for continuity items and replenishment
  • Enables a common and consistent customer experience across all channels the customer uses
  • Maximize sales potential, by supporting a variety of customer paths-to-purchase, regardless of inventory location
  • Integrates easily with ERP or merchandise management systems to create a fully comprehensive omnichannel solution
  • For smaller retailers iVend Enterprise and the other modules in iVend Retail provide a complete retail business solution when coupled with an accounting package
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    iVend POS

    Enhance the in-store shopping experience with retail management software designed for specialty retail. iVend POS is an enterprise class point of sale system trusted by thousands of retailers in over 46 countries in every retail segment. iVend POS powers brick-and-mortar stores as a full service POS, available on terminal and mobile devices, its multi-store, multi-user, eCommerce, loyalty-ready abilities makes retailers engage with shoppers on a new level. Customizable UI empowers you to reflect your retail brand consistently across all shopping channels.

    One of the world’s leading applications for providing a true omnichannel experience, iVend POS goes beyond traditional POS by enabling retailers to maximize sales, gross margin and profits. Achieve every possible sale by supporting all customer paths-to-purchase through the retailer’s “system.”

  • Customizable User Interface (UI) design for brand consistency and business process workflows
  • Head office configurations for pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and customer returns and exchanges
  • Multiple transaction types in a single transaction
  • Seamlessly integrated with mobile POS
  • Complete inventory visibility at POS across the chain
  • Faster checkout – 3 clicks to sale
  • Highly scalable, enabling faster business expansion
  • Runs online or offline
  • Hand held module provides full in store inventory management capability
  • Easy to use keyboard or touchscreen operated user interface
  • Deliver a uniform consumer experience across all channels, including in-store
  • Maximum inventory productivity, irrespective of inventory origin
  • Handles complex omnichannel sales and customer service transactions
  • Inbuilt up-sell and cross-sell functionality
  • Enables a common system across multiple countries, tax regimes, fiscal rules, languages and currencies, reducing costs for retailers with multi-country operations
  • Secure payment options through regional and country specific integrated payment systems
  • Enhanced loss prevention
  • Enables a very wide range of promotion types and common promotions across all channels, supporting a consistent brand experience
  • Fully resilient – not dependent on “always connected” Internet
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    iVend Mobile POS

    Experience iVend POS on any iOS or Android mobile device with access to all core point of sale and customer service functionality. Retailers can now interact and transact with shoppers on the floor and process sales from anywhere in the store or remotely. iVend Mobile enables retailers for the next generation with an interactive point of sale system that combines personalized selling with instantaneous inventory look-ups, wireless payments and the powerful retail workflows.

    Your retail workforce can now be more productive by immediately creating new invoices, checking product and stock levels, keying in new customer data, processing payments gift cards, and performing inventory lookups without leaving the consumers side.

  • Faster checkout times and line-busting functionality
  • Assistance wherever they are in the store or at events outside the store, such as tent sales, pop up stores, fashion shows
  • Improved customer service from guidance on products, stock availability, delivery methods and past customer purchases
  • Ability for consumers to check loyalty reward balances and redeem coupons or digital passes
  • Multitude of payment methods Including cash, debit, credit, store credit, gift card balances, loyalty points or currency, coupons and digital passes
  • Ability to add extra checkouts when store volumes increase or lines lengthen
  • Improved store efficiency – the same hardware can be used to support other store functions when customer traffic is quieter, for
    example, mobile based inventory management functionality in iVend POS
  • Increased sales from flexibility to open temporary pop up stores or provide service at off-site events
  • Improved upselling and cross selling when the solution is linked to the iVend Loyalty customer database
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    iVend eCommerce

    24×7 shopping – launch your retail store into the world of online shopping and accelerate sales by reaching a new audience. With iVend eCommerce your store is always online, available and accessible to your customers. iVend eCommerce delivers powerful eCommerce, mCommerce capabilities allowing retailers to build and launch an integrated online/offline operation. Gain access to turn-key integrated eCommerce that extend and enhance the capabilities of brick-and-mortar stores.

    iVend eCommerce connects directly to the iVend Retail management suite delivering a unified platform for managing in-store and online operations to provide an omnichannel solution in which your customers experience your brand the same in whichever channels they shop.

  • Fully integrated with iVend Retail management suite allows for real time inventory and customer data sharing
  • Integrated payment gateways and processors in 70+ countries
  • Easily manage the fulfillment of web sales from picking ticket generation to shipment confirmation & tracking
  • Integration with back office ERP / accounting applications and physical retail chain
  • mCommerce capability allows for shopping on any mobile device
  • Custom-design to stay in tune with your brand and control every aspect of the customer experience
  • Securely manage online payments and know your customers’ information is safe
  • Drive sales with advanced web features like featured items, promotions and active cross-sell suggestions
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization and support for Social Media tools
  • Track online sales activity in real-time with reports on sales, payments, backorders, and shipping
  • Uniform shopping experience for customers across geographies
  • B2C retailers can start B2B operations and vice versa
  • Additional revenue stream at an minimal investment
  • Fulfill customer orders as economically as possible
  • Responsive design for visual optimization on any customer device
  • Maximizes stock productivity with all channels operating off a common stock pool
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    iVend Loyalty

    Bring shoppers into your stores and ensure they come back with comprehensive customer management features designed to improve sales performance through more personalized customer service. Build customer retention by offering rewards for spending, visits or other metrics. iVend Loyalty is a points and rewards management application designed to track multiple KPIs across your customer base to better segment and target different customer groups to improve customer retention. iVend Loyalty seamlessly integrates with the iVend Retail management suite or with any existing retail application via open APIs.

    iVend eCommerce connects directly to the iVend Retail management suite delivering a unified platform for managing in-store and online operations to provide an omnichannel solution in which your customers experience your brand the same in whichever channels they shop.

  • Set up and manage multiple loyalty programs
  • Assign points or currency based on customer purchases or specified activities
  • Allow loyalty points or incentives to age according to user defined rules
  • Customer reward balance updates available via email, text or web
  • Define membership for group schemes to support a school or charity event
  • Offer rewards on specific products or promotions or exclude products (clearance or promotions)
  • Up-to-date customer information is based on activity in all channels
  • View customers status and reward totals at POS and mPOS
  • Track and monitor shopping habits
  • Gain insight into individual customer behavior and buying patterns for business planning and retail operations
  • Build lasting customer relationships
  • Boost sales with ssuggestive selling based on their past purchases and browsing history
  • Personalized rewards based on their personal shopping
  • Receive more relevant promotions, communications
  • Promotion to higher reward levels or status as they spend
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    iVend Passes

    Deliver coupons, relevant offers, gift certificates and loyalty cards – digitally – on iOS or Android mobile devices with built-in geomarketing capabilities. Engage your consumers with the only web application that combines pass management and push notifications in one unified cross-platform association.

    iVend Passes is a cloud based application that enables retailers to redeem digital passes at point of sale and stay connected with customers anywhere. Offer targeted and relevant digital offers to your customer base without the hassle of a custom mobile application. iVend Passes seamlessly integrates with the iVend Retail management suite or can be used with any existing POS systems via open APIs.

    Simplify the burden of coupon definitions and validation and say goodbye to cumbersome paper coupons with loyalty, coupon and pass management with a range of technical features to support your marketing efforts.

  • Geofencing capability to offer coupons, offers and loyalty notifications in specified geography
  • Notifications include loyalty balances, coupons close to expiring, unspent balances on gift cards, special events and offers, etc.
  • Visibility into program usage reports and sales achievements by locations
  • WYSIWYG template designer and email designer
  • Comprehensive set of APIs supports integration to 3rd party POS
  • Dashboards and reporting tools to enable marketing and measure ROI
  • Works on any iOS or Android device
  • Enhanced customer experience and engagement
  • Increase foot traffic by staying top-of-mind with your clientele
  • Offer only timely and relevant communications
  • Leverage customer engagement statistics for business optimization and planning
  • A greener alternative to paper and plastic
  • Fully integrates with iVend Retail management suite
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    iVend Reporting and Analytics

    Knowledge is power. Put your data to work to make more informed decisions and optimize the success of your retail organization.

    iVend Reporting & Analytics helps you identify trends from your total retail environment. Seamlessly integrated with the iVend Retail Management Suite, iVend Reporting & Analytics delivers Business Intelligence reports that give you a 365’ view of your organization to help you make critical business decisions.

    Instantly generate customized reports or utilize 50+ prebuilt reports with at-a-glance views of your most important retail KPIs. Gain tactical insights to make faster and more effective decisions. iVend Reporting and Analytics can be viewed on any compatible iOS or Android device, giving your operations and leadership teams visibility into the sales and inventory data they need, when and where they need it.

  • Detailed KPIs and alerts across all operations and channels
  • Analyze real-time data by:
    • Sales (by channel, store, sales associate and transaction)
    • Margins
    • Promotions
    • Products and product groups
    • Basket and affinity analysis
    • Inventory consumption and status
    • Customers and customer segments
    • Payment methods and trends
    • Loss prevention potential issues
  • Comprehensive pre-packaged and customizable dashboard views
  • Report writer allows users to develop simple reports without IT assistance
  • A full function report generator allows more complex reports to be developed
  • A query builder for ad hoc reporting and queries
  • A report scheduler so that reports can be distributed to a pre-set timetable
  • SMS capability allows authorised users to trigger report by text
  • View results on Android and iOS devices or any browser
  • Easy data drill down from high level to associated lower level data sets
  • Fully integrated with all other iVend Retail modules so it can draw data from anywhere
  • Strategic insights
    • Short-term: inventory turnover rates with alerts to avoid stock outs
    • Long-term: detailed analysis of retail transactional data for organizational planning
  • Comparative analysis of historical & current data
    • Historical retail data comparisons
    • Compare week-to-date, month-to-date, year-over-year or annualized data
  • Sales trends and figures
    • Generate sales trends reports on SKU performance
    • Analyze non-performing products and vendors, and manage inventory accordingly
  • Real-time inventory alerts
    • Real-time inventory level alerts
    • Customizable to prevent stock-outs and inventory distortion
  • Drill-down and master filtering for precise analysis
    • Filter dashboards or analyze data at different levels of detail
    • Drill-down enables end-users to change display detailed information, or drill-up to view generalized data
    • Master filter supports Multiple and Single selection modes
  • Dashboards tailored to individual stores, products and roles
    • View top-performing and non-performing stores
    • Evaluate individual products and promotions
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