SalePoint provides a wide range of hardware for retail stores including Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (IBM), HP POS, Verifone, Ingenico, Epson, Zebra, Datalogic and others.  We provide tailored solutions and provide options to best meet your requirements and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership over the planned life of the systems.
SalePoint knows your point of sale hardware.  Our manufacturer relationships include the top store systems hardware and software.  Our certified software solutions ensure seamless integration and reliable operation.  A retail store is a complex business.  Transactions must be processed quickly, accurately and securely. Integration with POS hardware, Pin Pads, Signature Capture Devices, and Magnetic Stripe Readers is critical to deliver an outstanding customer experience.
Stores often have equipment from various manufacturers requiring different hardware drivers and interface programs.  Store equipment is mission critical. We understand. Our help desk provides critical support to answer questions, resolve issues and diagnose and dispatch hardware repair.  Finally, the total cost of ownership for the retailer is critical since the investment in information systems and hardware for each store is a significant amount.

SalePoint Hardware Features:

  • Fast, reliable hardware
  • Warranties and on-site repair services
  • EMV and Pin Debit devices supporting signature capture
  • Value based pricing
  • Service organization capable of serving national retailers
  • Standardize models throughout the chain to reduce support costs
  • Our software is certified on many different products
  • Lease options available.

SalePoint Hardware Benefits:

  • Top, market leading manufacturer’s products available.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced team to support the hardware.
  • Project management to successfully stage and deploy new hardware solutions.
  • Cost savings from technological features such as electronic checks, pin based debit, etc.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Components of the solution:

SalePoint can meet all of your store system needs.  Contact us at info@salepoint.com or at (858) 546-9400 to get a quote on your hardware, supplies, or service needs.