One-Call, Complete Support and Service

Our toll-free, seven day-a-week Help Desk, in combination with On-Site Maintenance provides your cashiers with one-call, total support. Your calls are answered quickly, and in most cases your problem is solved instantly. If the Help Desk Representative is unable to solve a non-hardware problem, the call is immediately referred to a qualified technical support individual, project manager or software engineer.
Project Management
The project manager oversees all aspects of the customer’s relationship with SalePoint, from the initial planning meeting; to the review of the completed installation to discussing the applicability of new technologies as they become available.
Friendly support guiding customerTechnical Support
Technical support personnel are available to you, on demand, to assist you in tailoring your system through parameters to meet your specific requirements. In addition, they are available to answer any questions you many have regarding hardware, operating systems, communication, and application software.
Custom Programming
SalePoint has a full-time staff of experienced professional software engineers and consultants skilled in a wide variety of areas, including operating systems, communications, and other applications. Through software maintenance, you can be assured that problems will be resolved promptly, and that you always will be able to take advantage of the latest features of new releases.
Quality Assurance
All software you receive is verified by SalePoint’s Quality Assurance Department. We have automated testing techniques that assist us in verifying system functionality, and well-documented test cases that validate everything from receipt appearance; to report totals; to the accuracy of the electronic journal.
System Staging and Burn-In, Installation and Site Preparation
We assemble all hardware from all manufacturers, load the operating system, application software and location specific data. We test the fully-configured system, including application software functionality and package the system for shipment. We also perform installation and site preparation services nationwide.


  • Experienced staff to assist your team in your information systems projects and operations.
  • Software maintenance to support changes needed to your software solutions.
  • Hardware maintenance to provide on-site repair and warranty work.
  • Custom software development allows the software to fit your business rather than forcing you to fit a canned program.
  • Systems staging and installation provides knowledge and capabilities to get systems installed quickly and reliably.
  • Technical support team helps by answering technical questions and resolving technical issues that may not be easily resolved by your team.
  • Help Desk supports your stores in cost effective manner freeing your staff to address more strategic issues.


  • customer support Cost savings versus having a large internal IT and support staff.
  • Leverage knowledge and experience of individuals who have managed similar projects and supported the solutions for multiple retailers.
  • Reliable solutions that can be counted on to be operational when you need them.
  • SalePoint and the staff of its partners are available to support you and provide recommendations for your business.
  • Your problems and issues are addressed quickly.
  • You are informed of the progress on any open issues whether they are software, hardware or operational.
  • You have peace of mind that your systems will be supported, maintained, and that your staff has someone to go to for answers.

The Complete Solution:

SalePoint has a team of skilled retail systems support personnel to serve you.  In addition, we leverage our key partners to expand our capabilities to provide you with the support and expertise that you need to run an effective retail enterprise.  Contact us at or call (858) 546-9400 and discuss your services needs with us.