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Point of Sale & Hospitality Management Software

Optimise Your Food & Beverage Operations

iVend Hospitality provides a flexible and easy-to-use POS system to manage front of house operations, including split and partial bills, table management, servers, reservations and orders. Efficiently communicate with the kitchen to ensure correct and speedy customer order preparation. iVend Hospitality includes many advanced features such as Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT), KDS system integration, recipe and meal plan management.

iVend Hospitality is a fully integrated, restaurant management solution with a multilingual POS system designed to cater to the unique requirements of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cafes of all sizes. The solution will improve your guest’s appreciation and loyalty, reduce order and checkout times, create menu flexibility, decrease operational costs and allow you to focus on crafting a more unique dining experience.

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  • Seamlessly manage tables with visual layouts and tools to merge, split, link and move tables
  • Efficiently book guest reservations and send table notifications to queued customers
  • Deliver quality, consistent, error-free customer service
  • Manage fine dining orders by course with hold-and-fire capability
  • Expediently process orders for quick service establishments
  • Customize a loyalty program that drives repeat business to your restaurant


  • Eliminate kitchen miscommunications with real-time order tracking
  • Kitchen display system (kds) offers with full visibility of orders and timing for expediters
  • Kitchen order tickets (kot) can be grouped and printed at individual stations throughout the kitchen
  • Ingredient-level inventory management for granular control
  • Design, plan and purchase order ingredients based on sales data
  • Complete operational visibility with reports that explain your business progress and insights to you
  • Valuable data in real-time including transaction kot receipts
  • Reservation and occupancy reports


  • Adapts to all types of restaurant operations: table service, quick service, bars, and coffee shops
  • Supports industry and travel operations worldwide: corporate cafeterias and canteens, airports, universities, and train stations
  • Integrates to support food and beverage operations within hotels, resorts and cruise ships
  • Ideal for multiple operations within stadiums, arenas, casinos, and theme parks


  • Send orders straight to the kitchen
  • Give information about menu items, allergens, special offers and more
  • Check the status of orders and tables
  • Receive notifications from the kitchen and bar when the food and beverages are ready
  • Receive payments
  • Hand out receipts
  • Register customers into the loyalty program
  • Increase sales with upselling and cross-selling suggestions
  • Issue coupons and gift cards

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