SalePoint Announces Trovato Point of Sale Integration with Micros Relate™ Retail CRM Software

Columbus, Ohio January 6, 2016 – SalePoint, Inc., a leading developer of retail systems, today announced that it has integrated its Trovato® point of sale software with Micros Relate™ Retail CRM to offer retailers expanded marketing capabilities.

One of SalePoint’s customers, a leading teen apparel retailer, wanted to deepen its customer relationships and enhance customer engagement through the introduction of a new loyalty program. The customer had selected Relate™ from Micros for its loyalty program.

SalePoint integrated its Trovato point of sale solution with the Micros Relate™ Retail CRM software to implement the loyalty program for the retailer. Trovato is a full feature point of sale software solution that integrates to customer relationship management solutions such as Relate™ and® to allow retailers to select marketing solutions that are economical and meet their specific, unique business requirements.

Paul Streicher of SalePoint stated, “The Trovato integration with Relate™ offers retailers an additional option for the loyalty and CRM solutions that work with our point of sale software. This particular project was very successful and quickly allowed the retailer to add over 1.2 million customers to their loyalty program. The project also highlights Trovato’s highly flexible architecture and SalePoint’s ability to quickly and cost effectively implement customer specific solutions that help drive business. In today’s competitive retail marketplace retailers find that an effective loyalty program can help in customer retention and repeat business.”

About SalePoint

SalePoint is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with branch operations in Sacramento, Austin and San Diego. SalePoint is a leading provider of high value business solutions to the retail point of sale, corporate retail, higher education, healthcare, and public sector industries. SalePoint’s staff is experienced in implementing cashiering, point of sale, and corporate ERP applications. The company provides a complete solution ranging from hardware and software to services required to define, implement and fully support the installed solutions. The company’s customers include such leading names as Spencer Gifts, Billabong, Pacific Sunwear, Weyco Florsheim, Marshall Retail Group, Cato Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, NYU Medical Center and the University of Chicago.

For more information on SalePoint, please visit or contact Paul Streicher at or at (858) 546-9400 x254.