A new Retail Reality has emerged and will continue to challenge even the savviest retailers.  Our solutions will help you to be visionary, agile and ready for the demands of the hyper connected consumer.  Whether your challenge is mobility, loyalty, e-commerce, multi-channel capabilities, end-to-end solutions or PCI Compliance issues, we have the solutions!


SalePoint’s OmniChannel solution provides growing retailers with one view of your customer, one view of your inventory, across the enterprise.  iVend by CitiXsys enables retailers  with a flexible Point of Sale, Mobile POS for Android or IOS, integrated eCommerce, customer Loyalty program with built in customer dashboard and customer mobile payment Passes.  All delivered on an integrated flexible enterprise platform that scales as you grow.  iVend is delivered on premise, or in the cloud, and designed to integrate to your ERP or operate unplugged in a stand alone environment.

Trovato POSStore Solutions

Our store solutions range from traditional point of sale solutions to browser based POS that runs on tablets and smartphones.   Our hand held receiving/inventory and digital TV security applications enable you to manage all aspects of your stores.  Depending on the size of your  chain and what your current challenges are, we will analyze and recommend solutions to improve your store operations.   We offer standalone store solutions and solutions that integrate with corporate applications.  Our store solutions include Trovato Point of Sale Store Solution Suite and a variety of additional components and solutions.

Corporate Solutions

Retail Interact SaaSFor emerging and growing multi-channel retail, SalePoint offers Retail Interact Merchandise Management and ERP Solution. Retail Interact’s fully-integrated information management system has captured the essence of efficiency in retail management. Today, Retail Interact fulfills the retail industry’s demands for a powerful, yet easy-to-use system to automate the routine tasks of merchandise planning and control, financial accounting and records management. Our new Retail Interact SaaS offers a cloud based solution powered by .NET technology.  This new solution delivers an easy to use, easy to learn, intuitive, powerful and scalable application that meets the needs of retailers to manage ever increasing amounts of information and ensure merchandise is available to customers at the right time, place and price.  With installations worldwide, Retail Interact is truly a customer-driven application. We continually improve our system by soliciting customer input through User Group Meetings and incorporate changes with regular updates. Merchandise control is the cornerstone of Retail Interact’s powerful information management system. This module includes functions for smallperforming: Inventory Management, Purchasing, Receiving, Transfers, Physical Inventory, Sales Personnel, Accounts Payable, Open-to-Buy, Ticket Printing, Price Management, Sales Analysis, Document Control, On-Line Inquiries, Management Reporting. Retail Interact allows growing retailers to implement a solution similar to that used by larger retailers and will support your growth from a few stores to a large chain. Optional modules include Merchandise Replenishment, Merchandise Planning, Automated Distribution, Distribution Center Management, Order Entry, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Sales Audit, Post to Host, and POS Data Reformatter.

Self-Service and Mobile Solutions

KioskWorks™ provides retailers with self-service kiosks to assist customers in finding merchandise, enter service wait RetailLocator-Find-Productqueues, obtain promotional coupons, and learn about the retailer’s products and offerings.  Features include wayfinding, coupons, queue management, customer flow processing, customer email and text number capture, payment on account, and events list.
SalePoint’s Retail  ShopperWorks Mobile Apps allow retailers to provide a custom branded mobile app (iOS or Android) for their customers.  The app’s features include find a store, find a department, find a product, Geofencing, Push Notifications of Special Offers, plus many other features.

Hardware Solutions

SalePoint provides a wide range of hardware for retail stores including Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (IBM) POS, HP POS, DigiPoS POS, Ingenico, Verifone, Symbol, Motion Computing, Motorola, Datalogic and others.  Based on your needs we will propose options for you to consider that address the total cost of ownership over the planned life of the systems.  We have a proven track record and strong relationship with the top hardware manufacturers.


One-Call, Complete Support and Service
Our toll-free, seven day-a-week Help Desk, in combination with On-Site  Maintenance provides your cashiers with one-call, total support. Your calls are answered quickly, and in most cases your problem is solved instantly. If the Help Desk Representative is unable to solve a non-hardware problem, the call is immediately referred to a qualified technical support individual, project manager or software engineer.
Project ManagementKeep it Simple White 2 small
The project manager oversees all aspects of the customer’s relationship with SalePoint, from the initial planning meeting; to the review of the completed installation to discussing the applicability of new technologies as they become available.
Technical Support
Technical support personnel are available to you, on demand, to assist you in tailoring your system through parameters to meet your specific requirements. In addition, they are available to answer any questions you many have regarding hardware, operating systems, communication, and application software.
Custom Programming
SalePoint has a full-time staff of experienced professional software engineers and consultants skilled in a wide variety of areas, including operating systems, communications, and other applications. Through software maintenance, you can be assured that problems will be resolved promptly, and that you always will be able to take advantage of the latest features of new releases.
Quality Assurance
All software you receive is verified by SalePoint’s Quality Assurance Department. We have automated testing techniques that assist us in verifying system functionality, and well-documented test cases that validate everything from receipt appearance; to report totals; to the accuracy of the electronic journal.
System Staging and Burn-In, Installation and Site Preparation
We assemble all hardware from all manufacturers, load the operating system, application software and location specific data. We test the fully-configured system, including application software functionality and package the system for shipment. We also perform installation and site preparation services nationwide.