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SalePoint’s KioskWorks for Retail – delivers self-service kiosks for Wayfinding, In-store coupons, Payment on Account, Service Queue Management, Digital Signage, Events,  Capture of customer email or phone number, and sign up to loyalty or other promotional campaigns.  Our Retail Mobile Apps are custom branded and built with features to support better connection and communication with your customers.


KioskWorks provides retailers with self-service kiosks to assist customers in finding merchandise, enter service wait queues, obtain promotional coupons, and learn about the retailer’s products and offerings.
Wayfinding – helps customers find the merchandise that they are looking for quickly and easily in a language they understand.  Provide customers with step by step directions to find the merchandise or locations in the store without the assistance.
Coupons -deliver targeted  promotions to customers while they are using the kiosk.  Print or email promotional coupons for customers based on their Wayfinding or purchase history. KioskWorks allows you to establish individually tailored coupon workflows and rules. Drive additional business and customer service with KioskWorks..
Digital Signage – Use dual displays on kiosks or wall mounted displays to show videos and targeted messages.  Deliver your marketing messages clearly and effectively with targeted content for the season or promotion.
Queue Management – Streamline customer service by providing queue management for departments  such as layaway, merchandise pickup, customer service, repairs, or returns.  KioskWorks Queue Navigator manages and tracks customers being processed by your services teams. Your service staff manages a visual queue showing  wait times and status.  Reports provide real time and historical data on service levels. Better manage your service area and improve customer satisfaction with Queue Navigator.
Capture Customer Information – Provide the ability to capture your customer’s email or phone number when they register at the kiosk.  Connect with your customer through company newsletters, campaigns, promotions and direct mail campaigns.  Improve customer support and drive loyalty.
Payment on Account – Give customers quick and easy access to make payments on account through a PA-DSS Validated payment application. This  integrates with your billing system or payment processor.  Customers can use EMV/credit/debit payment terminals at the kiosk to check balances and make payments. Increase your collections and improve cash flow by collecting payments at the kiosk.
Events – Provide customers with local events updates along with registration information and payment options. KioskWorks integrated payment terminals provide customers with the option to pay for registration fees at the kiosk.
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