Temperature Screening

Retail Safety

In today's environment, retailers are looking for solutions enabling them to reopen safely while protecting their employees, customers and visitors.  SalePoint's temperature screening solutions give you the tools to monitor people entering your locations.

  • Implement at the Home Office
  • Deploy to the Stores
  • Screen Visitors, Vendors, Employees and Customers
  • Tailored to your Requirements


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Home Office

SalePoint's Temperature Screening Kiosk solutions enable effective, efficient and configurable control of visitors, vendors and employees entering your building while reducing staff requirements at the front desk.  Our solution increases employee and visitor safety, creates efficiency and reduces cost for visitor management.

Our solution can be configured to provide these security features;

  • Screening Questions  with Alerts
  • Identification of the Entrant
  • Generate Name Badges
  • Touch or Contactless
  • Integrate Screening Questions with Mobile,  Chatbots

From simple wellness screening to complete temperature screening, our Kiosk platform provides a flexible and adaptable solution.


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Security for Stores

In a world where social distancing and preventative measures are paramount, retailers need to ensure that everyone in their stores  is protected.  Our Temperature Screening solution increases safety for your store staff while reducing risks and promoting a safe store environment.

  • Screen Customers, Vendors and Employees
  • Present Screening Questions - Touchscreen or Contactless via Customers' Mobile Devices or Chatbots
  • Identify and Track
  • Alert Staff to Exceptions
  • Countertop or Floor-Based Solutions


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Our Experience

SalePoint is a leader in Point of Sale, Enterprise and Credit Card Processing Solutions. 

For over 30 years, SalePoint has been helping retailers with innovative and reliable Point of Sale, Enterprise and Payment solutions. 

Whether you are a new or established small business, a multi-location, chain, state or government agency, successful restaurateur, or launching a chain of quick serve restaurants, we have you covered.

We are a technology driven Point of Sale company, dedicated to our clients, their employees and their guests.  Let us show you how our solutions can provide you with the tools necessary to increase sales, reduce shrinkage, increase margins, and provide the best customer experience.

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Our Solutions

SalePoint offers solutions for many types and sizes of retail.  Our software solutions are highly configurable and adaptable to changing business needs.  We have a track record of helping our customers grow!

  • Trovato  Point of Sale Suite
  • Retail Interact Enterprise Inventory Management
  • Retail Kiosk Solutions
  • Limitless POS - For Specialty and General Retail, Bars and Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Limitless Enterprise
  • Restaurant Manager - Fine Dining, Table Service
  • NCR Counterpoint


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