Odoro – Dynamic Patient Self-Service Scheduling.

SchedLogic™ — the only rules-based engine, designed especially for hospitals, clinics and patients

SchedLogic™ is the brain that powers Odoro’s offering. It enables the organization to design a unique Q&A dialogue with their patients during the scheduling process.

SchedLogic™ uses the patient’s answers, historical patient information, EMR/PM data, and an organization’s scheduling rules, to determine the best match with provider and appointment slots. From millennials to elderly users, Odoro enables organizations to offer patients convenient self-service scheduling based on their own organization’s scheduling rules and preferences.

An infinite number of scheduling rules and preferences delivered to patients wherever they are. By automating their scheduling process with SchedLogic™, organizations gain complete control in helping patients book the right appointment at the right time, across any channel: whether mobile, web, IVR or call center. Through SchedLogic™, Odoro is helping organizations optimize provider time, reduce staff burden and increase operational efficiencies.


Odoro Inc.

Reduce no shows

Automatically add
appointments to patients’
calendars, allow self
cancellation, and send
automatic reminders.

Minimize staff burden

Alleviate the number
of office calls, while
efficiently confirming and
scheduling appointments
across the entire network.

Faster booking

Provide access to a range of online
and offline self-service scheduling
options to help get patients to their
desired appointments quicker. Alert
waitlist patients as soon as a new
time slot becomes available.

Simplify scheduling

Dynamic SchedLogic,™
rules automatically identify
available time slots to
connect patients with
the right provider.

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We Know Healthcare

PatientWorks provides IT solutions to hundreds of healthcare service locations. Our solutions include patient self-service tablets, kiosks, eForms, portal check-in, patient payment processing, and patient engagement mobile smartphone apps. SchedLogic from Odoro is a solution that adds additional patient self-service functionality for our customers.

Redefine the Patient Experience

Return on Investment:

  • 50 hrs saved per month per practitioner
  • 70%  appointments moved to self service with Odoro
  • 85% “No-shows” reduction
  • 12% increased appointment utilization & practice growth
  • 85% increased patient satisfaction

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