SalePoint Marks 30th Anniversary on May 5th

Columbus, Ohio May 5, 2017 – SalePoint, Inc. marks its 30th anniversary as a leading supplier of technology solutions to the retail, healthcare, public sector, and higher education markets.
“Surprisingly it all started with an MBA program business plan competition at San Diego State University. Larry Imperiale, a graduate with a Computer Science degree, was working on his MBA at San Diego State University and entered an entrepreneurial business plan competition with a business plan that addressed a market gap in the retail systems market that was not being served by the large players such as IBM, NCR, and Fujitsu at the time. His business plan won the contest and Imperiale founded SalePoint Systems Corporation on May 5, 1987, to address this market gap. The name was later changed to SalePoint, Inc. During the early years, retail was a high growth market with specialty retailers expanding their chains nationwide. SalePoint grew quickly becoming #19 on the Inc. 500 List of Fastest Growing Companies in 1992. It later acquired additional businesses to expand its retail systems offerings. SalePoint diversified and expanded via acquisition into other markets that were showing strong growth. Today the healthcare information systems market has grown to be a strong segment of the company,” Larry Haworth, CEO of SalePoint stated. “Information technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace and SalePoint has had to adopt to ever changing technology. Luckily we have had a strong team that has enabled us to endure and grow in highly competitive and changing marketplaces. Our continued strong focus on customer satisfaction has enabled our success.”
More information about the founding of the company may be found in a Los Angeles Times article covering SalePoint in December 1990 – Imperiale, a 13-time Freestyle Frisbee World Champion is now Senior Vice President eCommerce Customer Experience Monitoring at Bank of America and continues to consider the founding of SalePoint as one of the “most significant professional accomplishments of his career so far.”