About SalePoint

Columbus HQSalePoint is a leading provider of high value business solutions to the retail point of sale, corporate retail, higher education, healthcare, and public sector industries. SalePoint’s staff is experienced in implementing self-service kiosks, mobile check-in, eForms, cashiering, point of sale, and corporate applications. The company provides a complete solution ranging from hardware and software to services required to define, implement and fully support the installed solutions. The company’s customers include such leading names as Pacific Sunwear, Spencer Gifts, Kaiser Permanente, Cato Corporation, New York University Medical Centers, the University of Chicago and Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority.  SalePoint is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with branch operations in Sacramento and San Diego, California,  Austin, Texas and  Cary, North Carolina.
The PatientWorks subsidiary serves the healthcare market.  Visit PatientWorks website at www.patientworks.com.
SalePoint, Inc.
6100 Channingway Boulevard, #310
Columbus, OH 43232-2953
(858) 546-9400

Email: info@salepoint.com