Inventory Management

SalePoint  Enterprise solution gives you control of the entire merchandise life-cycle.   Instant access to top sellers, out of stocks and more.

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Receiving and Transfers
  • Adjustments
  • Cycle Counts, Physical Counts
  • In Store, In Warehouse


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Price and Promotion Management

Our advanced price and and promotion management solutions give you the flexibility to drive your business and react quickly to your customers' needs.

  • Markdowns, Markups, Mix and Match Pricing
  • Percent, Dollar Off, New Price
  • BOGO, Volume Discounts, Buy More-Get More
  • Real-Time Store Updates
  • Managing Prices by Chain or Single Store


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Dashboards and Reports

SalePoint's Enterprise solution gives you the tools to make quick decisions based on up-to-the-minute information about your business.

  • Real-Time Updates of Sales, Inventory
  • Dashboards, Reports and Alerts
  • Details at the Level You Need
  • Information When You Need It
  • Enterprise Wide Reporting at your Finger Tips


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Automated Purchasing

Never be out of stock.  Our models give you control of basic inventory.  We give you options to purchase to models, replace sales, or recommend ordering based on rate of sale.

  • Flexible and Easy to Manage
  • Review Suggested PO or Release Automatically
  • Suggested Purchase Orders to Stores or Warehouse
  • Integrates to In Store Receiving, Transfers, Counts via Handheld or Back Office


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Customer Management

SalePoint Enterprise enables you to connect with of your customers.

  • Keep Track of your Customers' Purchases
  • Target Offers, Promotions, Deals
  • Manage Customer Pricing
  • Integrated Accounts Receivable


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Multi-Store View

Our Enterprise solution gives you a strategic view of your operation while enabling quick access to information that needs your attention.

  • Top Sellers, Out of Stocks
  • Old Age Inventory
  • Cashier Statistics, Over and Shorts
  • On-line Dashboards, Reports, Alerts


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