SalePoint customers process billions of dollars of payment transactions through our software annually. We offer many solutions for payment processing across multiple industry verticals. Proven throughout the years, our payment solutions and merchant services meet the needs of public sector companies.

Payment Solutions

Payment processing today is complex. Customers want convenience, security, and speed from a merchant that protects their data. Our solutions empower public sector companies to offer these elements to their customers. PCI compliance and data security are very important features of our solutions. EMV and out of scope solutions are key to compliance and security. Not having sensitive card data in your systems is critical. We partner with the top companies in the credit card industry to assure you that you get the best payment processing solution.


Consumer Engagement

We are a leader in providing self-service solutions that allow customers to pay from anywhere. In today's world, consumers are mobile and rely on their phones for business transactions. Paying via a mobile app is common practice and saves time and money. We cover you with a range of solutions from mobile payments to in person cash or check payments with staff. We have experience and solutions for all methods of engagement. Modernize your payment processes today to enhance consumer engagement.

Merchant Services -
Reduce Costs

Many public sector companies grapple with the cost of merchant services and PCI compliance. Security standards are high and ever increasing due to ransomware and hack attacks. Merchant services fees are often hidden and high. These are challenges that public sector businesses face and need assistance with. We partner with the leading merchant services companies to provide the best of breed solutions that save you time and money.


How can we help?

Optimize your collections and payment processing with SalePoint solutions. Communicate with customers easily. Empower them to pay from anywhere at their convenience in an affordable manner. Reduce internal staff costs of processing payments. Secure your transactions. Avoid chargebacks. Easily comply with PCI Standards.

SalePoint has been providing solutions to the public sector since 1987. For example, our cashiering solutions are installed in such public sector accounts as the Puerto Rico Water Authority where customers pay their water bills across the island and the Orange County Treasurer - Tax Collector which uses our J-Point cashiering solution for their property tax and other county bill payments. We would be happy to discuss your current payment processing needs. Give us a call.


Integration with your enterprise systems is a key to making payment processing seamless and to reducing staff time and costs. We are experienced in integrating our solutions with enterprise applications to provide real time payment processing. We also support all the major credit card processors.

Eye on Security

With Cyber attacks and scams increasing in frequency, we take security of our applications very seriously. Working in conjunction with our customers' security teams we adhere to industry standard security practices. Our staff is trained on HIPAA compliance, PCI and PA-DSS Compliance for payment processing, and follow our Cyber Insurance Company recommendations on internal systems security.


There are many hidden costs involved with payment processing. They include merchant services fees, software fees, hosting fees, chargebacks, staff time in processing payments, audits, reconciliations, etc. It is an area of revenue management that deserves special attention. There are many ways to improve your revenue management and customer service. Let's talk.

Fast, frictionless, easy payment processing

Today, consumers want fast, frictionless, easy, safe, and accurate payment processing options. Send them a text or email to request payment and let them pay by their phones or home PC's. Provide them with kiosks. Give them options that they see in other industries today. Do this in a secure and affordable manner that saves staff time and processing costs. We can help.

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