Agiliron Point of Sale Software

Throughout our history, SalePoint has offered products to the market in addition to our internally developed software. This allows us to address various industry verticals that require specialized solutions that our current products may not fit.  We are happy to announce a new relationship with Agiliron out of Portland, Oregon.

SalePoint is now reselling their software.

Agiliron is a SaaS Solution Suite for Omni-Channel Commerce focused on helping Product Based Businesses (Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, eCommerce) “Sell More in More Places. But Manage in One.” The core product offering is an Integrated Solution Suite targeted at Product-based Businesses looking for Top-line and Bottom-line growth.


The suite facilitates business expansion through various Sales Channels (offline & online) while reducing the operational complexity and costs through effective Front-office and Back-office functions. It also significantly improves visibility across the entire business through aggregation of data across all channels into a single database along with Business Intelligence capabilities.

The Agiliron product suite allows SalePoint to offer a complete enterprise solution to the market and fill in voids in our current solution set with a product that has been widely implemented in the industry.  

It allows retailers to sell through multiple channels effectively. Our strength in retail systems fits nicely with offering this new product.  Let us know if you need a new Omni-Channel software solution.