PatientWorks expands integrations to include eClinicalWorks

PatientWorks Corporation, a subsidiary of SalePoint, Inc., is a leader in patient self-service check-in solutions based in Cary, NC. PatientWorks has integrated with the major hospital information systems and practice management systems in the healthcare market today through its integration engine.
Recently the company added integration to eClinicalWorks® to its implemented integrations. A new customer, a healthcare provider in New York, selected the KioskWorks® patient self-service check-in solution to automate their patient registration process. Their enterprise solution was eClinicalWorks.
KioskWorks allows customized workflows and functionality that offers eClinicalWorks clients the ability to implement a solution that fits their unique patient registration and patient workflow requirements rather than a standard application. KioskWorks fits the healthcare provider rather than forcing the provider to change their business to fit the application’s functionality.
To facilitate bi-directional integration between KioskWorks and eClinicalWorks, PatientWorks teamed with Mi7 Solutions, a health care technology consulting firm with experience in eClinicalWorks integrations, to implement the required integrations via HL7.
The PatientWorks clinic went live with the KioskWorks solution in February 2018, integrated to eClinicalWorks.
If you are an eClinicalWorks customer that has a need to automate your patient registration process with patient self-service kiosks, give us a call.
Norman Snidow
VP Sales