SalePoint Introduced Kiosk Solutions at the NRF Big Show in New York City

SalePoint exhibited at the NRF Annual Convention in New York in January, 2014.   SalePoint exhibited new functionality for our retail point of sale and corporate ERP solutions including integration with the CRM application with our Trovato POS solution.  In addition, the company introduced KioskWorks, self-service retail kiosks that include wayfinding, customer queue management, payment on account, in-store coupons, digital signage and other features to enhance the customer experience in retail stores.

Paul Streicher, President and Managing Director of Retail for SalePoint, stated, “KioskWorks is a successful kiosk solution that has been implemented in the healthcare industry by our PatientWorks Subsidiary.  We are now modifying KioskWorks to fit the retail industry.   We will leverage our success with this powerful .NET application to help our retail customers improve their marketing, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.”

KioskWorks’ Wayfinding provides customers with step by step directions on how to find the merchandise or locations in the store that they are seeking without the assistance of a sales representative. You invest heavily in visual displays, signage, store layouts, and merchandise. Customers need to be able to find the merchandise they are looking for quickly and easily. In large stores or stores with complex layouts, this is often not easy and may frustrate customers. Our Wayfinding solution presents a graphical layout of the store and presents a visual image of a person navigating to that area from the current kiosk location, allows the customer to search for the department or merchandise area they are looking for and importantly provides multi-language support to allow you to serve the diversity of your customer demographics.

Print or email promotional coupons for customers based on their Wayfinding or other searches on the kiosk to promote merchandise in your store. The flexibility of KioskWorks allows you to establish workflows and rules on what coupons to present at what time. Drive additional business from customers who are visiting your store by offering them contemporaneous offers to buy more.  Capture email addresses for promotional coupon distribution and other marketing efforts.

Use dual displays on kiosks or wall mounted kiosks to provide videos and other messages to your customers as they shop in your store. Deliver your marketing messages clearly and effectively by developing content targeted to support your sales campaigns for seasons, holidays, or other promotions and to reinforce your theme with shoppers. A wide variety of hardware choices are supported to provide you with the most flexibility based on your store configuration.

In areas where customers queue to wait for certain services, such as layaway, merchandise pickup, customer service, repairs, or returns, provide your customers with information and a clear process to queue up for the service. KioskWorks provides Queue Navigator to manage and track customers being processed through by your services teams. Your service staff has a visual queue showing the individuals waiting for service and the length of time they have been waiting. Customers can be provided with wait ticket numbers or see a visual of the current queue. Management can easily see the number of customers in the queue and how long the wait times are. If the wait times exceed a designated threshold, staff can be alerted to bring in additional resources to service the waiting customers. Reports provide real time and historical data on service levels. Better manage your service area and improve customer satisfaction with Queue Navigator.

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