Small businesses getting hurt with extra QuickBooks credit card funding fee

SalePoint, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions to businesses for over 34 years, has been hearing about extra processing fees cutting into small business margins.  Small businesses have been using QuickBooks® software to invoice and process credit payments for their customers for years.  But suddenly, they say they’ve been hit with an extra fee that is cutting into their profits. For many, this extra expense is really hurting them.

Using the QuickBooks software to process credit card payments allowed small business owners to select which funding option they preferred.  They could pay an extra ACH fee to get their funds the next day, or opt for the free 5-day ACH funding.  But earlier this year, QuickBooks opted to remove the free 5-day funding option.  Now, these small businesses are required to pay the extra ACH fee for next day funding and it is hurting their profits.

Well say “No More!” to those extra fees. You CAN use a different authorizer and still use QuickBooks for all your other business needs.  We simply overlay our authorizing process onto QuickBooks and get you great processing rates without the extra ACH funding fee. Now you can have your cake, and eat it too!

If you are not aware of the fee increase from QuickBooks, give us a shout and we will explain how this will impact you.  (858) 546-9400 x254 or

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