SalePoint Announces Payment Processing Partnership with Vantiv

SalePoint, Inc., a leading provider of high value business solutions to the retail point of sale, corporate retail, higher education, healthcare, and public-sector industries, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Vantiv, the largest merchant acquirer, to offer simple, cost effective payment solutions to its customers.  The Vantiv payments platform will be integrated into SalePoint’s retail and healthcare systems solutions.
“EMV and PCI Security are now more important than ever before.   We need a payment processing partner that provides robust and secure solutions for our customers,” said Paul Streicher, president of SalePoint.  Streicher continued, “Vantiv is the industry leader, providing strong, value-based solutions in the payment processing market.  We welcome the opportunity to work together to deliver superior solutions to our customers.”
“Our marketing relationship with SalePoint continues to build a strong presence in the retail, healthcare, public sector and higher education markets SalePoint serves.” said Brad Pinneke, Director of Strategic Partnerships  “SalePoint’s integration with the Vantiv payment processing solution suite brings new and enhanced value to these markets.”
About Vantiv
 Vantiv, Inc.  (NYSE: VNTV) is a leading payment processor differentiated by an integrated technology platform.  Vantiv offers a comprehensive suite of traditional and innovative payment processing and technology solutions to merchants and financial institutions of all sizes, enabling them to address their payment processing needs through a single provider. We build strong relationships with our customers, helping them become more efficient, more secure and more successful.  Vantiv is the largest merchant acquirer and the largest PIN debit acquirer based on number of transactions in the U.S. The company’s growth strategy includes expanding further into high-growth channels and verticals, including integrated payments, eCommerce, B2B and merchant bank. For more information, please visit
SalePoint Contact:                                                           Vantiv Contact:
Paul Streicher                                                                       Adam Kiefaber
Managing Diector                                                             Leader, Corporate Communications
858-546-9400                                                                     513-900-5097                                            

SalePoint Marks 30th Anniversary on May 5th

Columbus, Ohio May 5, 2017 – SalePoint, Inc. marks its 30th anniversary as a leading supplier of technology solutions to the retail, healthcare, public sector, and higher education markets.
“Surprisingly it all started with an MBA program business plan competition at San Diego State University. Larry Imperiale, a graduate with a Computer Science degree, was working on his MBA at San Diego State University and entered an entrepreneurial business plan competition with a business plan that addressed a market gap in the retail systems market that was not being served by the large players such as IBM, NCR, and Fujitsu at the time. His business plan won the contest and Imperiale founded SalePoint Systems Corporation on May 5, 1987, to address this market gap. The name was later changed to SalePoint, Inc. During the early years, retail was a high growth market with specialty retailers expanding their chains nationwide. SalePoint grew quickly becoming #19 on the Inc. 500 List of Fastest Growing Companies in 1992. It later acquired additional businesses to expand its retail systems offerings. SalePoint diversified and expanded via acquisition into other markets that were showing strong growth. Today the healthcare information systems market has grown to be a strong segment of the company,” Larry Haworth, CEO of SalePoint stated. “Information technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace and SalePoint has had to adopt to ever changing technology. Luckily we have had a strong team that has enabled us to endure and grow in highly competitive and changing marketplaces. Our continued strong focus on customer satisfaction has enabled our success.”
More information about the founding of the company may be found in a Los Angeles Times article covering SalePoint in December 1990 – Imperiale, a 13-time Freestyle Frisbee World Champion is now Senior Vice President eCommerce Customer Experience Monitoring at Bank of America and continues to consider the founding of SalePoint as one of the “most significant professional accomplishments of his career so far.”

PatientWorks Corporation Achieves Certification for Imprivata PatientSecure Integration

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                   

 PatientWorks Corporation Achieves Certification for Imprivata PatientSecure Integration

 Integrated solution allows for a single patient identifier across the healthcare

 enterprise for fast patient self-service check-in on PatientWorks kiosks and tablets

 CARY, NORTH CAROLINA – July 14, 2016— PatientWorks Corporation, a patient self-service check-in solutions company, today announced that it has successfully achieved Imprivata Ready! certification with the industry leading positive patient identification solution, Imprivata PatientSecure. The certification awarded by Imprivata® (NYSE: IMPR), the healthcare IT security company, covers the integration between PatientWorks’ self-service check-in solutions KioskWorks® and CheckinWorks® and Imprivata PatientSecure® to enable positive patient identification at self-service registration kiosks.

“Without the right tools in place to guarantee positive identification, healthcare will always be challenged to reap the full clinical and financial benefits of digital health technologies such as EHRs and self-service kiosks,” said Clay Ritchey, Chief Marketing Officer and GM of Imprivata PatientSecure Products Group. “By enabling deep integrations with these technologies, we’re ensuring that patients are accurately identified and experience the best possible patient registration workflows, ultimately improving patient adoption of self-service kiosks as well as patient safety and revenue cycle performance.”

Imprivata PatientSecure eliminates the need for providers and patients to input patient information manually by integrating with KioskWorks kiosks to make the single patient identifier available through kiosk registration. Kiosks identify patients through a palm vein scan, rather than requiring manual input of patient information, saving time and improving efficiency by eliminating the need for unnecessary paperwork.

“The use of biometric identification at registration kiosks is a great addition to our solutions and helps transform the entire registration and intake process,” said Larry Haworth, CEO of PatientWorks. “We have integrated the Imprivata PatientSecure palm-vein biometrics with our kiosks and tablet self-service check-in solutions, speeding the patient identification process and assuring positive patient identification. This improves patient safety, overall registration throughput, and ultimately, enhances the entire patient experience.”

Imprivata PatientSecure is the biometric patient identification platform that uses palm vein recognition biometrics to accurately identify patients. Through an easy enrollment process, Imprivata PatientSecure creates a 1:1 link between patients’ unique palm vein scans and their individual medical records. Once enrolled, a patient simply scans their palm and Imprivata PatientSecure quickly and accurately identifies the patient and automatically retrieves their unique medical record.


About PatientWorks

PatientWorks® provides Self-Service Patient Check-in Kiosk and Tablet solutions.   KioskWorks® provides a patient centric, customizable user touch screen environment for self-check-in, co-payment processing, interactive wayfinding, event calendar, patient education and fundraising opportunities. The Patient Xpress module captures electronic signatures as well as patient photos and scans insurance cards and/or driver licenses.   The data is merged onto the healthcare provider’s forms and automatically sent to their imaging system and/or routed to the Registrar.  Queue Navigator manages patient volumes, wait times and check in compliance, whether patients check in through KioskWorks® or directly with registration staff.  Admitting personnel can manage patient check-in remotely in real-time at the department level or across the entire enterprise.  CheckinWorks® offers healthcare providers the same functionality only on mobile tablets.  For more information, please visit


About Imprivata

Imprivata® (NYSE: IMPR), the healthcare IT security company, provides healthcare organizations globally with a security and identity platform that delivers authentication management, fast access to patient information, secure communications, and positive patient identification. Imprivata enables care providers to securely and efficiently access, communicate, and transact patient health information to address critical compliance and security challenges while improving productivity and the patient experience. For more information, please visit


PatientWorks Contacts:

Norman Snidow


Imprivata Media Contacts:
John Hallock


Kerry Pillion



Imprivata Investor Contact:

Jeff Bray


PatientWorks Announces Marketing Agreement with McKesson Corporation for Self-Service Patient Check-in Solutions

Columbus, Ohio October 12, 2015 – PatientWorks Corporation, a leading provider of self-service patient check-in solutions, today announced that it has entered into a marketing agreement with McKesson Corporation. As part of the agreement, the KioskWorks® and CheckinWorks® solutions from PatientWorks will be integrated with McKesson’s Paragon®, HealthQuest®, and STAR® software products and offered by PatientWorks to McKesson customers.

“We are very excited about our new relationship with McKesson,” stated Larry Haworth, CEO of PatientWorks. “In addition to the enhanced integration with McKesson products, our solutions will be integrated with Imprivata PatientSecure®, a partner of McKesson, providing positive patient identification. Patient self-service solutions are being adopted by healthcare providers to improve patient satisfaction, speed check-in, and allow staff to quickly process more patients.”

The new relationship was announced at the McKesson Insight 2015 Conference in Nashville last month and was well received by McKesson customers who visited the PatientWorks exhibit.

About McKesson Corporation

McKesson Corporation, currently ranked 11th on the FORTUNE 500, is a healthcare services and information technology company dedicated to making the business of healthcare run better. McKesson partners with payers, hospitals, physician offices, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and others across the spectrum of care to build healthier organizations that deliver better care to patients in every setting. McKesson helps its customers improve their financial, operational and clinical performance with solutions that include pharmaceutical and medical-surgical supply management, healthcare information technology, and business and clinical services. For more information, visit

About PatientWorks

PatientWorks Corporation provides Self-Service Patient Check-in Kiosk and Tablet solutions. KioskWorks® provides a patient centric, customizable user touch screen environment for self-check-in, co-payment processing, interactive wayfinding, event calendar, patient education and fundraising opportunities. The Patient Xpress module captures electronic signatures as well as patient photos and scans insurance cards and/or driver licenses. The data is merged onto the healthcare provider’s forms and automatically sent to their imaging system and/or routed to the Registrar. Queue Navigator manages patient volumes, wait times and check in compliance, whether patients check in through KioskWorks or directly with registration staff. Admitting personnel can manage patient check-in remotely in real-time at the department level or across the entire enterprise.

For more information on PatientWorks, please visit or call Norman Snidow, VP Sales at (919) 238-4754. Email


SalePoint Introduced Kiosk Solutions at the NRF Big Show in New York City

SalePoint exhibited at the NRF Annual Convention in New York in January, 2014.   SalePoint exhibited new functionality for our retail point of sale and corporate ERP solutions including integration with the CRM application with our Trovato POS solution.  In addition, the company introduced KioskWorks, self-service retail kiosks that include wayfinding, customer queue management, payment on account, in-store coupons, digital signage and other features to enhance the customer experience in retail stores.

Paul Streicher, President and Managing Director of Retail for SalePoint, stated, “KioskWorks is a successful kiosk solution that has been implemented in the healthcare industry by our PatientWorks Subsidiary.  We are now modifying KioskWorks to fit the retail industry.   We will leverage our success with this powerful .NET application to help our retail customers improve their marketing, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.”

KioskWorks’ Wayfinding provides customers with step by step directions on how to find the merchandise or locations in the store that they are seeking without the assistance of a sales representative. You invest heavily in visual displays, signage, store layouts, and merchandise. Customers need to be able to find the merchandise they are looking for quickly and easily. In large stores or stores with complex layouts, this is often not easy and may frustrate customers. Our Wayfinding solution presents a graphical layout of the store and presents a visual image of a person navigating to that area from the current kiosk location, allows the customer to search for the department or merchandise area they are looking for and importantly provides multi-language support to allow you to serve the diversity of your customer demographics.

Print or email promotional coupons for customers based on their Wayfinding or other searches on the kiosk to promote merchandise in your store. The flexibility of KioskWorks allows you to establish workflows and rules on what coupons to present at what time. Drive additional business from customers who are visiting your store by offering them contemporaneous offers to buy more.  Capture email addresses for promotional coupon distribution and other marketing efforts.

Use dual displays on kiosks or wall mounted kiosks to provide videos and other messages to your customers as they shop in your store. Deliver your marketing messages clearly and effectively by developing content targeted to support your sales campaigns for seasons, holidays, or other promotions and to reinforce your theme with shoppers. A wide variety of hardware choices are supported to provide you with the most flexibility based on your store configuration.

In areas where customers queue to wait for certain services, such as layaway, merchandise pickup, customer service, repairs, or returns, provide your customers with information and a clear process to queue up for the service. KioskWorks provides Queue Navigator to manage and track customers being processed through by your services teams. Your service staff has a visual queue showing the individuals waiting for service and the length of time they have been waiting. Customers can be provided with wait ticket numbers or see a visual of the current queue. Management can easily see the number of customers in the queue and how long the wait times are. If the wait times exceed a designated threshold, staff can be alerted to bring in additional resources to service the waiting customers. Reports provide real time and historical data on service levels. Better manage your service area and improve customer satisfaction with Queue Navigator.

For more information on kiosks for retail, contact Norman Snidow, VP Sales at

Do You Need To Replace Your Current POS Platform To Perform In Today’s MOBILE Era?

There’s no question that today’s retailers are embracing mobility to enhance existing workflows and to add new workflows.  The question is:  what is the best way to go mobile?  Add on to existing systems or replace them entirely?

We believe that the easiest and smartest way to add mobility is to “mobilize” your current retail software.  These counter-based systems have been tuned over many years for very high reliability, a full suite of capabilities, and deep integration into a retailer’s inventory and information systems.  Data security within the PCI Guidelines has also been achieved and built into the retailer’s security processes and confirmed by successful audits.  Making the current system mobile, and thus retaining all of these capabilities, is easiest done by using mobile devices that run your current operating system.Read More

Billabong Creates the Perfect In-Store Customer Checkout Experience With SalePoint and Ingenico

Billabong teamed with SalePoint to deploy Ingenico’s leading iSC Touch 250 into more than 100 multi-banner stores in time for the holiday season. Billabong can now utilize the revenue producing promotions such as ads, videos, couponing, targeted up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, gift card sales, extended warranties, digital signage and more – on a colorful, interactive, high-resolution touchscreen display that engages and involves customers throughout the payment process.  All forms of payment are now accepted, including NFC-based mobile wallets, contactless and smartcard EMV chip-based payments.Read More

SalePoint Acquires PatientWorks Division from NewBold Corporation

SalePoint today announced that it had acquired the assets of the PatientWorks Division of the NewBold Corporation.

SalePoint through a newly formed, wholly owned subsidiary PatientWorks Corporation acquired the assets of the PatientWorks business from NewBold Corporation. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Larry Haworth, CEO of SalePoint, stated “We are pleased to add the PatientWorks solutions to our company. We have been a reseller of the PatientWorks solutions so it was a natural fit when we learned the business was for sale. The PatientWorks solutions including KioskWorks have seen strong growth during the last year and we are excited about the opportunities we see in combining our businesses.”

PatientWorks Corporation will continue to operate from the Cary, North Carolina office with certain corporate administrative functions being performed by SalePoint in its San Diego headquarters. The effective date of the acquisition was February 22, 2012.